Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catrice Eyebrow Filler & Catrice Lash/Brow Designer

May in introduce you to my new holy grails when it comes to doing my brows, the Catrice Eyebrow Filler and the Catrice Lash/Brow Designer. How I love these products, wow. The temperature over here is raising slowly, and I don't want to risk having my brow pencil melting off my brows, so I went on the hunt for a tinted brow gel and a clear brow gel. And I found them! I'm never ever going back to brow pencil again, I'm just gonna stick to tinted brow gel since it looks 100 times more natural than drawing your brows on with a pencil.

This is my favorite one out of the two. It's a tinted brow gel that fills and shapes your brows. The wand is like a little mascara brush with bristles, which I would probably prefer over a plastic wand.

Another brisle wand, the hairs are a longer on one side which means you can get a bit deeper into the hairs to really condition, shape and set them however you want. Great!
You can also use this product on your lashes, but I haven't tried that yet. I also only use this products when I have my eyebrows dyed instead of the tinted gel, but right now that is not the case.


clear gel only

brow filler only

When applied these gels do not feel hard or crunchy on the hairs at all. It feels a bit powdery even. It doesn't feel uncomfortable either. This does depend on how much you apply, but in general it feels good!
The only downside to these products is that they are not waterproof. The color wont run down your face when it gets wet, but the product wont last very long after a swimming session. 
Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfection & Shaping Gel €3,59
Catrice Lash/Brow Designer Shaping And Conditioning Mascara Gel €2,99


  1. Heel mooi! Ik gebruik nu vaak gewoon een oude mascara om mijn wenkbrauwen een beetje donkerder te maken

  2. Wat een mooi resultaat! Die brow filler lijkt me erg fijn :)

  3. Mooi zeg:) Je ziet wel echt een duidelijk resultaat.

  4. wow!! you have such beautiful eyes!

    Danielle | Design Heaven Blog

  5. Mooi zeg! Ik ga het ook maar eens kopen denk ik

  6. omg your eye color is so gorgeous!!!

  7. jammer dat het geen water bestendigd is