Monday, June 4, 2012


One of my best friends has connections with a woman who works for Oriflame, I was interested so I contacted her! She was so nice to come over to my house and surprise me with a box full of samples. 

The box included a bag of perfume samples, a bag of lipstick samples, a lot of cream samples, a few brochures and some kind of checkbook so I can take orders from people.
The brochure in the middle is a color-chart, so you can test yourself to see what kind of colors look best on you. So helpful!

These are all the perfume samples I was given! They're all for women. I like really girly and flowery scents, so there must be a perfect match for me out of these samples!

I was also given all of these cute little lipstick samples! All of these colors are really creamy and soft. I was 3 sets of 15 lipstick samples, they're too much to put on here but I'll show you some swatches!

 Can you see how pretty these are?

The last thing I got were all of these cream samples!

I hope you enjoyed looking through the stuff I got! If you want to know more about Oriflame, or check out their products, visit their website HERE :)

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  1. Please write the name of the lipstick shades u have swatched.