Monday, July 23, 2012

What do I pack? (Beauty)

Going on vacation and not knowing what to pack? Common problem... Even for me. It takes me the longest time and I'm never satisfied with what I pack. This post is for everyone having the same troubles as me! I'll show you what I pack, and it might give you some ideas as well!


1. Sleek Palette "The Original 594"
2. Essence Eyeshadow Base
3. Essence Sun Club Bronzer/Highlighter
4. Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
5. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
6. NYC Big Bold Mascara
7. Essence 2in1 Kajal Pencil 04
8. L'Oréal Paris Eyeliner 005 White
9. Essence Eyeliner Pen
10. Love Atti Mascara
11. Maybelline Lipstick 162 Feel Pink

1. Eyelash curler
2. Bronzer/Highlighter brush
3. Powder brush
4. Eyeshadow brush
5. Eyebrow comb
6. Pencil brush
7. Eyeliner brush
8. Blending brush

I'm also going to bring some bright summery nailpolishes with me. I'm going to put them in this little bag together with a nailfile. 

This is what my toiletry-bag looks like from the inside. You can see I put a box of Q-Tips, Nailpolish remover pot, and some cotton pads in the middle section.

In the end I'm going to put my toiletry-bag into another bigger bag with more pockets, like pictured above, and I'm just going to put all my other stuff in there, like a detangler spray, my Oriflame skincare products, Make-Up remover pads, deodorant, a hairbrush, body scrub & creams.
For the picture I didn't pack my shampoo, conditioner, showergel and sun scream. But I'm going pack those now! ;)

I hope this helped you! :)
What strategy do you use when you're packing? Leave me a comment and tell me!


  1. Leuk artikel! alleen helaas ga ik nu niet op vakantie ( maar wel handig wanneer ik in de herfstvakantie op vakantie ga )


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  4. I like this post a lot...keep blogging :)

  5. I think you did a great job! I feel like I take too much that I never end up using xx

  6. Great collection. I found a few brushes I need to buy too.
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