Monday, August 6, 2012

Make-Up Collection August 2012 - Video

Hi there! I just filmed a make-up collection video because I thought it'd be nice to share with you guys. The boxes I storage my make-up in are from Ikea, you can devide them however you want. The box came with a lid on it but I took it off because I have these boxes laying openly in my drawer.

I don't have a ridiculous amount of make-up... yet ;) I use all the stuff that's in my collection. I have a seperate box with make-up that I don't use and usually give some of that to my friends or sister so they can get use out of it!

What's your make-up collection like? :)


  1. i think you have pretty much make up!
    And thanks for the storage idea i was looking for those kind of boxes already for a really long time.

    1. I've had them for a long time, but Ikea might still have something similar to it!

  2. I have these boxes too - such a cheap and easy way to organise make up - nice one!

    S xx

  3. Love your collection!
    Your blog is great! I am your new follower on gfc & twitter.
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  4. I'm loving your collections, love the way you have everything organised. x

  5. wow, you have a lot make up collection!
    anyway love the color of your lipglosses <3

  6. you have a great collection and it is so well organized. My makeup is all over the place even though i try really hard to keep it neat and organized.

  7. Hey hun thanks for your comment on my post. The NYC white nail polish isn't bad for the money, it does the job, but if you wanted a great quality one I'd always go with OPI or Nails Inc.

    Keep reading :) XX

  8. Great video, love the background music! You have a great storage for your make-up, love it. My collection is quit small, but I like to have 5-6 mascaras, from different brands, because I am curious the difference between the quality of them.