Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teeez Foundation Brush - Review

Hey! I've recently bought this stippling brush from Teeez, and I wanted to share this product with you!
Teeez is a cosmetics brand and they also do make-up brushes. This was the first time seeing a stippling brush from a non high end brand in store, so of course I had to pick it up! Teeez hasn't been in store for a very long time here, so I guess this brand is fairly new? 

All the Teeez brushes come in a hard plastic tube like thi one, bonus point! You could put your brush in there while traveling, for example.

The brush itself looks really nice as well, the handle has a nice colorful print on it with a shiny Teeez logo.

This is what the hair look like up close. It's a mixture of short black hairs and longer white hairs. I'm not sure if these ar synthetic or real.

This brush might lose some hairs while applying your foundation, but personally that's not a problem for me. I use this brush with my Maybelline Airfoam foundation. This brush gives my face a really natural airbrushed look. I don't wear foundation on a daily basis because I always thought it looked a bit fake and cakey, but this brush has changed my mind. The Airfoam foundation is already really lightweight on the skin, but it looks even more better when applied with this brush.
This baby retails for €7,50. A bit more than I would usually spend on a a make-up brush, but it's worth it.

What do you use to apply your foundation with?


  1. I don't even have foundation - so I don't use anything to apply it with really. xD The brush looks very nice though. =)

  2. i've been looking for a new brush! i'll have to try this out :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. Lijkt me fijn! Ik heb er een van elf en die is ook super goed.

  4. handige post ;D
    ziet er fijn uit ;)


  5. What a cute brush! I like the design on the handle. I prefer to use a flat top synthetic brush for applying foundation such as the ELF Flat top powder brush.

  6. I need to get a stippling brush so I might try this one out, it certainly looks nice!

  7. Mooie brush! Helaas kan ik nog steeds nergens teeez vinden!


  8. Dit klinkt misschien een beetje dom, maar wat is a stippling brush?

    1. Dat is een foundation brush met een platte bovenkant. De brush waar deze review over gaat.

    2. Oh! Oke, bedankt! leuke review :)

  9. This brush sounds lovely! For foundation, I use either my Sigma flat top or tapered kabuki, Real techniques stippling brush or my fingers! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

  10. The brush sounds lovely, but i don't like it when a brush loses hairs while applying your foundation.