Friday, September 7, 2012

3 ways to style up a boring ponytail!

We all have those days when we don't know what to do with out hair, right? Those moments you just want to pull all your hair back and simply throw it in a ponytail. I found some ways to style up your ponytail. :)

The first option is to use a hair cuff! These are absolutely in style right now, so if you don't own one already I suggest you to get one. A simple hair accessory like this can put your whole outfit together. 

I believe this was just €3 at H&M. Really affordable!

My next option is to use a hair clip, mine is a pink bow which adds loads of cuteness to your hair. You won't need an elastic band for this, just clip in the bow and you're done!

Mine was about €4-5 at Kruidvat.

This is the last option. Pull a strand of hair out from the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band once or twice. Then stick it back under the elastic! You'll only need one elastic band and that's the one you used to create your ponytail with. Easy much? ;)

I hope you'll be trying out one of these hairstyles soon! 
What's your go-to hairstyle? Let me know! :)


  1. Well, seeing all this pictures and ideas I am angry that I cut my hair :( Now mine is short, so I don't have so many hairstyle options.

  2. die laatste is super leuk!

  3. Erg leuk, de 3de vind ik de mooiste oplossing.
    Die gebruik ik ook vaak. Je kunt het ook doen door een vlechtje te maken ;)

  4. You have a great hair!<3
    What do you think about following?

  5. Awesome tips! I love bows. :D

  6. hele handige tips! vind de laatste erg leuk!

  7. the hair cuff and hair clips are so cute! I normally don't do much with my hair. I usually keep them loose and straight 99% of the time, lol.

  8. Wowiee wat een mooie en leuke blog heb je! Ik ben je gaan volgen,
    Dat laatste vind ik erg leuk, heb je dat ideedje van Lauren Conrad?
    Liefs! (:

  9. I really like haircuffs! I should wear mine more often.

    XO, Imke

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  10. Beautiful hair!
    Mind to check out my blog?
    Maybe we can follow each other :)

  11. I love the bow style! It's super cute! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
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