Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Schwarzkopf Color Mask Hairdye - Review

I've recently dyed my friends hair and when we finished choosing the right color for her the lady who works there got really excited about us trying this hairdye since it's something new she hasn't heard of before. This made me really curious! Apparently it's a new form of hairdye in a jar, and you use it like you would use a hairmask. Interesting!

My friend wanted to go for a brown-reddish color and we thought this would be the perfect match!

Once you open the packaging you'll find a jar with the developer creme, instructions, gloves, the color creme and a hairmask for your hair afterwards.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow along!



The color of her hair is true to the color on the packaging, so that's great! I would recommend you to buy two of sets of the hairdye if your hair is longer than my friends. Because even on her hair I couldn't get everything covered due to lack of hairdye. But overall this is a great hairdye for €13,99! :)


  1. Wauw! de kleur staat je echt prachtig!

  2. nice!

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  3. wauw wat geweldig! dat staat je ontzettend goed :)

  4. I love the change that you made with your friends hair. It looks natural, lovely color!

  5. Heee ;D
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  6. Wouldn't say it looks that great, her natural color is much more beautiful

  7. Je haarkleur is veel te bleek om te kleuren met deze verf! Zelfs donkerblond is te donker! Je hebt echt geluk gehad dat de kleur niet groen is uitgeslagen want die kans zat er dik in!