Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Essence Class Of 2013! - trend edition

Back to cool! Good girls are neat and totally hip again! With this new trend edition essence is celebrating the comeback of the college look, yay. :) This autumn, the make-up trend is all about classic colors like blue and burgundy as well as grey and rosé shades. I absolutely love those colors, so this trend edition is my thing! I'll show you the products!

A rosy blush with a checked design and a translucent powder.

3 jumbo eye pencils!

 A cute make-up bag and 2 hair ties.
2 long-lasting lip tints in pink and red.

 4 nailpolishes and a silver glitter top coat!

Are you excited for these products? Tell me! :)


  1. ik vind de jumbo eyepencils en de long lasting lip tints er erg veel belovend uitzien! ben er erg benieuwd naar!

  2. Die blush is echt super mooi! leuke col;ectie :)

  3. aww, wat een leuke schattige collectie!

  4. Love the burgundy color nailpaint..oohh so cool!
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  5. Yes, I want all the polishes :))
    I have a giveaway on my blog, you can participate if you like, it is international: