Tuesday, May 1, 2012

O.P.I Nailpolish

Today I'm doing a review on a nailpolish by O.P.I.

I bought this at Sephora on my trip to France a while ago, I've always wanted to try out a nailpolish by O.P.I since I've heard a lot of good reviews about it. So I decided to buy this pretty spring/summer color in the color 'Gargantuan Green Grape'. I've been wearing it quite often because I love the color!

If you use a base + top coat this nailpolish will remain chip-less on your nails (for about 2-3 days). The first layer is quite streaky but when you apply one or two more coats it's perfect. The brush is really nice since it's flat and a bit bigger than your usual nailpolish.

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