Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Saffron London Nailpolish

Today I'm reviewing this nailpolish! I've recently been really loving this metallic green color. It's from a brand called Saffron London. It costed my friend (she gifted me this nailpolish) about €1,99, which is a great price!

I haven't seen a lot of people wearing similar colors to this one, that's why I liked it so much. This one is in the color 15 and the bottle contains 11 ml nailpolish.

I applied a basecoat first, then 2 coats of this nailpolish and then used a topcoat to seal the nailpolish. Now, 2 days after applying the nailpolish and taking the pictures, this nailpolish is already chipping. :( 

Even though the nailpolish chips easily, I would still purchase other colors of this brand, just because I love the colors and the price is great. I don't know where they sell this brand, you just have to be lucky to find it I guess!

Thanks for reading. :)

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