Friday, May 11, 2012

Professional Cosmetics JV Beauties 180 Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone. Today I'm reviewing my favorite make-up palette ever. It's the Professional Cosmetics JV Beauties 180 Eyeshadow Palette. That means this palette contains 180 eyeshadow colors.

I'll show you the 3 pallets that are included in the box up close!

This is by far my favorite palette. I wear a lot of neutral colors on a daily basis, so this is what I use everyday  for my highlight- and basecolor.

 This palette has mostly metallic/shimmery colors. The pigmentation is amazing! I love using this for a pop of color in my look! I broke the green color on the second row on the right myself, I dropped the palette on my table :(

 The last palette is all matte. It's great for when you want to use color on your eyes that's not too outstanding but still bright and really pigmented. 

 Close up.

 Another close up.

 Some swatches of these amazing colors.

The bottom 2 palettes have ribbons on the side so you can pull them out easily. I find this really helpful and easy to use. The palettes are stapled on each other and there's a sheet of see-through plastic on top of each palette layer so the colors won't get damaged.

 This is the size of the palette compared to a Maybelline mascara.

This is some information that's on the back of the palette. Sorry for the scratches, that's my vanity table's fault. :P

I got this palette on Ebay, from ecdaphne888 a few months ago, but her new account name is: daphnecollection2011
If you have an Ebay account you could contact her on there.

I want to thank her a lot for sending me this package fast & safe! Ebay said it would take about 2 weeks for it to arrive here from Hong Kong, but it only took about 5 days. The palette was packed in a box, bubble wrap and a big sturdy box with addresses and stamps on it! It costed me about €20. I don't remember the shipping costs, they were either free or really cheap. 

Thanks for reading. :)  (Don't forget to check out daphnecollection2011 on Ebay, she sells a lot of other make-up products as well!)


  1. Wow, hoe komen die krasjes er allemaal al op?!

    Leuke post! Mooie kleurtjes om zo allemaal te zien.
    Win goodiebags twv 200,- per goodiebag.

    1. Helaas is dat zo gekomen doordat dit palette altijd op mn makeup tafel ligt zonder bescherming eronder. Dus hij schuurt er telkens overheen.

      Bedankt voor je comment Eva! :)

  2. Zo zeg, wat een mooi palette! :D
    Twintig euro is ook niet mega duur voor zo'n grote. xx

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  4. Hoi Lisa ik zou graag ook z,n palette willen waar heb je hem besteld of gekocht